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Why Choose CORE Business Services

My goal is to use my vast practical experience in accounting, business analysis, planning, forecasting and cost control to help small business owners with their business accounting needs. In my experience in the corporate world, we had to take complicated information and make it simple and understandable so better decisions related to price, cost, sales projections and cost control could be made. Small businesses can benefit from this same type of approach in order to increase revenues and reduce costs. This is what sets my company apart from other bookkeepers in the market. To the small business owner, this translates into a better view of the business, resulting in better cost control and pricing decisions.

I offer a wide array of services and will customize my business to your needs. My concept is to work with the small business owner to service the business, develop and optimize a plan aimed at increasing profits and outperforming the competition. CORE Business Services offers both a monthly bookkeeping and accounting service as well as a one-time consultation, implementation and training of accounting and bookkeeping practices and procedures.

Joan Powell

Joan is a graduate of Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC with a degree in Accounting. She then went on to achieve her Masters of Business Administration from Clemson University in Clemson, SC. Over the past 35 years, Joan has worked as a successful Accounting and Financial Manager for various domestic and international companies, including Michelin, Siemens, Rockwell and Ryobi. Joan relocated to the Pacific Northwest from South Carolina in 2005 with her husband, Ted, and started C.O.R.E. Business Services in 2007. In their spare time, you can find Joan and Ted on most hiking and snowshoeing trails with their beloved Labrador Retriever or traveling to visit family throughout the United States.

  • We will develop accounting and bookkeeping packages designed specifically for your business.
  • You will get big business experience at affordable rates.
  • We are locally owned and operated.
  • Money is time. We pride ourselves on providing timely and accurate information. This saves you and your business money.
  • Part of developing the right accounting and bookkeeping package for your business will be training you and your staff on any procedural changes. Our past experience as professional business trainers has provided us with time tested training methods and practices that will help in the learning process.
  • We follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principals.
  • CORE Business Services can take complicated information and develop easy to understand Dashboard Indicators unique to your business.
  • CORE Business Services can create a Business Plan for your new or growing business and map out strategies for growth.
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