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Accountant Services Vancouver, WA

Accounting Services Vancouver, Washington

Professional accountant services for small businesses Vancouver, Washington. Implementation of checks and balances to prevent fraud, track cash flow & grow your business.

Does your current accounting provide you with the critical information to operate and grow your business? CORE Business Services also offers accounting analysis as well. We can provide you with an analysis of your financial records to give you the information needed to make better decisions. We help make complex data simple and easy to understand. We will customize an operational accounting plan and provide you with easy to understand reports of your company’s financial health, thereby giving you the information necessary to make better informed business decisions.

I have worked with Joan Powell for about 8 years. Initially, I was running a large and complex company with two locations. We had gone through several bookkeepers and I was frustrated. The company was growing rapidly and our processes were getting more and more convoluted on the bookkeeping side because I didn’t have a bookkeeper with the right experience. I shared my frustration with our accountant and she recommended Joan. I’ve been very happy with Joan’s services.

She got our books in order right away, helped prep us for taxes, and helped me prepare budgets and forecasts. She made sure that my managers got the information she needed from them in a timely manner. She was instrumental in helping us qualify for the loans we needed to continue expansion of the business. She managed the bookkeeping for our multi-million-dollar expansion in both real estate as well as fixture, furniture and equipment. Joan is always willing to do as much or little as we need. Her rates are reasonable and she gives me an accounting of how she spent her time at the end of each month. I honestly can’t recommend her highly enough.
–Marie Xavier, Sunstone Veterinary Specialists

Some of the solutions we offer are:

  • Budgeting & Forecasting: Assist in the development of an annual budget and provide you with a monthly analysis of your budgeted expenditures versus your actual expenditures.
  • Customized Dashboard Reporting: Set up a system of Dashboard Indicators and associated reports that will help you monitor your company’s financial pulse.
  • Cash Flow Analysis and Projection: Analyze the cycle of your business’ cash inflows and outflows, and make recommendations for the maintenance of an adequate cash flow for your business.
  • Gross Margin Analysis: Analyze your margin by product line.
  • Cost Control and Analysis: Routinely monitor your expenses, providing you with detailed information on exactly where your money is being spent so you can correct any serious excesses.
  • Implementation of Checks and Balances to Prevent Fraud: Incorporated into your business’ accounting and office procedures will be a system of checks and balances specifically aimed at preventing fraud. We will train you and your staff on these methods to insure your business assets are safe.
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